Gluttony Digest issue 3 release party; food by the Freedom Barbeque Coalition



1) A support structure for the White House is constructed by Jules, the chief architect of the Freedom Barbeque Coalition.


2) Uniform bricks of Black Forest ham are cut to build the exterior walls.


3) The foundation for the White House is laid with a morter of squeezable, homemade mustard-cream-cheese.


4) A Spam Rotunda is installed and excess morter is wiped away.


5) A ham facade begins to emerge.


6)The White House is finished with celery pillars and a roof of firm corn bread.


7) Meanwhile, various methods are tested for hanging thin slices of freshly smoked salmon on a cardboard Washington Monument.


8) Aluminum foil proves most effective.


9) In the shadow of his glistening pink Monument, Jules saws the base off a coconut that will serve shrimp dip.


10) A pineapple is decked out with shrimp skewers, and a stunning tableau takes shape.


11) As a finishing touch, Jules hangs figurines cut out of citrus peels…


…so that a natural phallus remains.


12) The White House and Washington Monument are slowly consumed as the evening wears on, along with dozens of oysters, a porthole-topped crock of chowder and 10 bottles of hard liquor.


12) By 4 AM, where once a mansion of ham stood, a post-apocalyptic scene remains.


13) The Spam loaf is liberated from the Oval Office. As the party winds down, remaining guests do their best to prolong the magic.


14) Gluttony Digest and the Freedom Barbeque Coalition—tired, full and wasted—judge the evening a success.