Sarah J. Nassif, Personal Choice Consultant


Let Me Decide That For You (TM) takes life's tough dilemmas out of your hands and drops them into mine. For a modest fee, I take stock of your situation and your choices. Then I apply uncommon resourcefulness and modern analysis methods to arrive at decisions of self-evident authority—my own!

Moral, financial, sartorial, inter-personal, medical... it doesn't matter: I can wrestle any conundrum to the floor and drag out the beautiful/ugly truth that tips the scales (a truth you were just too close to see).

Outsource your choices to somebody who doesn't actually care. That's how things get done.

No choice is too big or too banal:
- Should I worry about this or ignore it?
- Will I regret this purchase?
- Should I keep it, sell it, or throw it away?
- Where should I eat/sleep/visit?
- Does that make me look cool/clownish?
- Did I do it right or should I do it over?
- Do I leave this guy/girl/job or try to make it work?
- Am I allergic to this or what?
- Which technology/appliance/antiperspirant is best for me?
- What plan will make the most people happy?
- Which will minimize shame and angst?
- Did that thing that happened mean what I think it meant?
- Should I hire a consultant to figure it out? YES!

Go ahead, let me decide that for you.